What Is “Mids” Weed?


The cannabis industry is seeing rapid changes in the past couple of decades. The US already allowed military personnel to use cannabis; they are offering a lot of medical benefits. The scientists say that it may help to get rid of pains, anxiety, pain caused by cancer treatments, etc. Some of the users are observing the increase of immunity power as well. In most US states, it is already made legalized if cannabis contains less than 0.3% of THC. 

Since it is a relatively new thing, the terminologies used here are confusing. If you one of them, no need to worry because you are a part of a broad audience. So, today let us understand what Mids weed and other related things are. 

What Are the Different ‘Tiers’ of Cannabis?

With the increasing popularity of cannabis over the years, more and more new terms and unusual names have crop up on the internet. These terms are creating more confusion among us. Knowing the difference between these terms is essential because it decides the safety and quality of your choice of cannabis. 

Regs 0r Reggie

The regs are also commonly called weed, but it is not the correct way of calling it. Regs lack trichomes, and it has a brownish colour in terms of appearance. 

‘Schwag’ (ditch weed, dirt, brick bud, shake, wacky, bunk)

If you hear these terms for your consumption, that means you are encountering with low-quality cannabis. 


Mids, as the name denotes these are mid-quality weeds. That means they are not too bad or not too good when it comes to quality. 


For dank, you need to shell out more money from your pocket. The reason is they are top quality weeds and expensive. In short, they are the best of the best. 

How to Tell if Your Weed Is Mids

Indeed, the mids refers to the medium quality weeds. But with the changes in the laws over the years, the quality and standard of these weeds are shooting up increasingly. The mids weed are available with more trichomes, unlike regs weed. Trichomes aids in protecting the plants from harm, but it also comes with medicinal properties. So, the weed with trichomes is a great start. 

The other important thing you must notice while purchasing the weed is it should possess a great smell. Hence, before handing over money, try to sniff the weed whenever it is possible. Generally, mids are available with a vibrant lime green shade, and they are typically less dense than dank. 

Before, mids were known for the low-quality weed, and it used to smell not that great. In terms of looks, effects and taste also it was far below the present-day Mids. In recent days, mids contains THC of anywhere between 10% to 16%. This much THC percentage means you can expect a fair amount of intoxicating experience that many people seek. 

Should You Consider Buying “Mids” Weed?

If we have encountered this question a few years back, we indeed would have said no. The reason is its low quality and unknown origin. But as we mentioned already these days, mids are getting better and advanced. Another reason to go with this type of weed is that these are available at affordable prices than dank. Of course, you will miss the high quality of dank, but you don’t have to pay more for Mids. These days you will get numerous options to buy weed online UK. So, the availability of quality mids is not a problem at all. 

It is wise to opt for mids rather than paying a hefty amount for little more intoxication and buzz. Meanwhile, you can get a double quantity of mids if you compare the prices with dank.