Why you need winter tires 

Winter comes with extreme weather conditions of ice and snow. Be mindful of your car, your safety, and those other road users during the cold season. Winter tires will always perform better than all-season tires. They have the best features to drive in icy surfaces with snow and ice safely. 

Their firm grip ensures a timely stop before crashing into another vehicle. You can make a corner without understeering into a barrier and evacuating slash on a thick moist surface. There is a considerable load of choices of tires in the market, but not all are perfect for your car. 

Continue reading and see why you need winter tires.

Winter tires have high silica content. 

This feature makes tires perform better on an icy, snowy, and ice surfaces compared to all-season tires that lack this tread compound. 

A tire of this nature makes you have a great deal of traction as it holds firmly on the cold surface, unlike the other tires that will harden making the car lose grip. It will give you a top-notch assurance of your safety and other road users. 

It has a tread pattern. 

Ziemines padangos are designed to have a tread block that helps evacuate waters, snow, and ice out of the road surface. They are best designed to overcome any form of moisture on the road surfaces, unlike the standard tires. 

It has 3D Sipe. 

 You heard it well; Sipe is that tiny slit on the tread block commonly known as 3D. In conjunction with the tread pattern, it is perfect in ensuring a firm grip and excellent performance on wet surfaces; thus, your car will be stable even at high speed. 


Can work at a temperature of-30°

Winter tires can survive at low temperatures of up to -30°. You will be in a better position as compared to those cars using all-season tires. Winter tires roll softly on the road at extremely low temperatures that all-season tires cannot survive. 

The unique features enable them to thrive through a cold season, which gives you comfort while driving. 

Road safety assured

Safety first- the essential thing you should always mind about as a car owner is your safety and other road users. 

There is no better reason to get winter tires than that. Winter tires are designed to help stop in time and avoid hitting the car in front and making corners without losing the grip. 

They are durable

Compared to all season’s tires, summer tires are strong and durable. They are made with high quality materials. Though they are more expensive than others, they last long while others wear out quicker and thus the best option. 

When choosing winter padangos, you have countless options to choose from. Thus you must have the facts right and details on the size of your tires. Most importantly, you need to select a reputable winter tires shop to help you choose the best and most durable tires.